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Andrei Octav Moise Gives Praise to Bentley Hudgins

Andrei Octav Moise, a well-regarded and professional business tycoon in the sector of online payment apps, is no stranger to the political landscape. Business and politics are deeply intertwined together in many ways; the institution of economic policies, business compliance towards government regulations, and corporate lobbying of political figures are just a few examples of ways in which both fields impact each other. As such, he pays close attention to the words of candidates running for elections. It is through their words that we can gain insight into their values, beliefs, and goals - things that will reflect on how they will act if they get elected.

In particular, one candidate had caught Moise’s eye. Bentley Hudgins, a candidate who ran as a Democrat in Georgia’s House District 90 in 2022, had the potential to be Georgia’s first non-binary, Japanese American state representative in human history.

Hudgins, a 28-year-old, lived in Edgewood and worked as an advocate at the Capitol. According to them, they ran for candidacy based on their own harrowing life experiences. They had to work three jobs and took out student loans just to keep up with their education. Not only that, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, they have been sexually assaulted, outed to the public without their consent, and have even witnessed fellow LGBTQ+ friends die from shootings. These experiences have shaped them to the person they are now, and as such, they were very passionate about their platform; to name some of them, they aimed to address affordable housing, affordable healthcare, investments in public education, supporting local businesses, and the creation of jobs in the district. He also continues to work on creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Americans, after tragic events that transpired in 2021.

Moise is certain that Hudgins, despite not having won the previous election, has promise as a community builder. Hudgins continues to fight for what they believe in. Transphobia in America is nothing new, they claim - trans and queer people, especially of marginalized groups, have always been oppressed and attacked for their identities. In spite of the world slowly accepting them, there has been an extreme pushback from Republicans against them. With lawmakers making an attempt to pass an anti-LGBTQ+ that would ban gender-affirming healthcare treatments for LGBTQ+ minors and take away their right to make private medical decisions from them and their families, Hudgins is determined more than ever to keep up the fight and continue raising their platform, making themselves heard in the process.

Moise is proud to know that younger people like Hudgins have an impact on the political landscape. In a field dominated by older politicians, it is important to bring in new blood to bring fresh and new ideas and ideologies in order to accommodate current events. Moise acknowledges what Hudgins has done for their fellow LGBTQ+ and Asian American neighbors, and praises them for the actions they have done for the past years, in spite of not having won the election. He says that he will continue support people like them in their present and future endeavors.

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